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‘Money Chalisa ’ is a book based on the belief that the sub conscious mind has infinite power to attract wealth and income. It is a highly compelling book written by Mr. Arun Saraf  that helps to train the sub conscious mind.



The Book introduces the readers to 40 powerful lines written in both English and Hindi languages which bestows the power to attract unlimited wealth and money in our lives. These 40 lines are to be read twice everyday for a period of forty days.


Forty Powerful Lines


For a book that is based on erasing negative beliefs about money and wealth, Money Chalisa is quite powerful and convincing. It is believed that the sub- conscious mind has infinite power to attain the seemingly unattainable. Every person has the right to be wealthy and happy. The universe has enough in store for each and every person on earth. The book also magnifies the feeling of gratitude for abundance and wealth attained.


The forty lines illustrated in this simple book can be used to train the sub conscious mind to believe that wealth exists in your life irrespective of the external conditions. The sub conscious mind accepts all the beliefs of the conscious mind as the truth. By reciting these lines, it is easy to attract money and become rich through the power of the sub conscious mind. Money is a vital force or energy that flows in our lives.


According to ‘Money Chalisa’, money flows in from all directions and channels. Every human being has the right to prosper and live life comfortably.


Money is hard-earned and it flows endlessly to those who spend it wisely. It can be used to make the world a much better place to live in by helping others and prospering in your own way.


The human minds are often conquered by fear and apprehensions when it relates to money. This fear thwarts our ability to manifest abundance and wealth. This remarkable book aims to eliminate fear and uncertainty and boosts self empowerment.


Money Chalisa is a life transforming book that facilitates in recreating the belief in money system. The innate ability to attract money is solely dependent on individual mind set. Every human being has a predefined mindset about money and wealth. It is pertinent to analyze this mindset and expand your horizons through affirmative beliefs. By reading the book, you will learn how to alter the money mindset that hinders your ability to attract wealth and abundance.


Money Chalisa is undeniably the key to the treasure chest that holds abundant wealth and prosperity.


4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5


    I gained leaps and bounds by attending the Money Chalisa Book. Within a few days I was able to attract abundance with a positive attitude. My entire perspective towards the concept of money and wealth altered tremendously. Thank you for your pragmatic and simple techniques.

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    Sunil Kumar

    It was a fantastic and memorable experience for me to go through the Money Chalisa. In My Schooldays, I had come across the Sanskrit quote " Sarve Gunah Kanchanam Ashrayante" which means that all the qualities reside in Gold(Money). After reading Money Chalisa repeatedly, I am of the opinion that any person whose efforts are well directed and executed can become sufficiently rich. The only thing is that one has to recognize the inner powers. Money Chalisa paves the path of progress and prosperity in the easiest possible way. Thanks to the writer of Money Chalisa for serving the humanity in such a unique and nice way. I pray to great Almighty that every aspirant may get benefited by money Chalisa to transform his/her life.

    Sunil Kumar


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