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Turn Your Fortune Around In Just 40 Days!


The ability to attract large sums of money has nothing to do with intelligence or luck. Everyone has a right to be wealthy. You have a right to own large sums of money.  The Money Chalisa Booklet is designed to erase all negative beliefs about wealth from your subconscious mind in just 40 days.  This is the time it takes for positive thoughts to be imprinted in the subconscious mind. This book will work on your conscious mind from the first day and progressively work toward imprinting your subconscious with positive affirmations that will enable you to attract wealth from both expected and unexpected sources. Watch your money grow in leaps and bounds by spending a few minutes twice a day, every day for 40 days; chanting the Money Chalisa booklet while you are in a relaxed and composed state of mind.  Visualize abundance and see it happen for real.  The booklet contains several positive affirmations, each of which is meant to change your opinion of money and attract wealth, success and prosperity.

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    Hi, I would really like to thank the team of health CD from the bottom of my heart.

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and used to have acute pain in my joints .i was told that if I regularly hear this CD I would be benefited out of it. Initially I was quite skeptical about this but I got convinced to give it a try.

    To my surprise I started getting results after a week itself and on top of that after a month I realized miraculous that I had my painkiller only twice in that particular month otherwise, I used to take my painkiller generally once or twice a week.

    This has really helped me and I would recommend this CD to others also.

    Aditee Gulati.


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