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"Law of attraction is not wishful thinking. It is about working towards giving a greater meaning to one’s life. ” 

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  • कलर थेरेपी कैसे काम करती है?
    Posted By :The Hope Academy l on Thursday February 13 2014
    कलर थेरेपी वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा का एक रूप है, जिसमें शरीर, मन और आत्मा को स्वस्थ करने के लिए प्राकृतिक रंगों का उपयोग किया जाता है। रंगों द्वारा स्वास्थ्य विकारोंRead more...
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  • Get rid of your money blockages
    Posted By :The Hope Academy l on Monday February 10 2014
    The biggest obstacle on the path to attract money comes from your own subconscious beliefs that causes you to take either wrong or no actions at all. Based on your childhood experiences, you continue to make limiting statements that creates a narrow reality for you.  If you wish to change your financial situation, you need to take responsibility for your current situation rather than blaming externalRead more...
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  • Do you have a Victim Mindset?
    Posted By :The Hope Academy l on Tuesday January 21 2014
    . I have come across many people who possess very self-limiting beliefs and come to accept “there is something behind what has happened to my life” approach as truth. They are continuously asking questions like ‘Why are bad things happening to me?’ not once in a while but always. Such people with ‘victim mindset’ are generally found in poor health, bad relationships, dead-end jobs and financialRead more...
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  • Meaning of Colors in Color Therapy
    Posted By :The Hope Academy l on Thursday October 31 2013
    . The seven colors of rainbow, commonly known by the acronym VIBGYOR, are used in color therapy. Colors inspire emotional, physical and psychological responses. These responses have an impact on not only our moods and feelings but also on our overall health and well being. Colors are vital energy of life. Color Therapy is believed to be among the first healing technique used by man. Its origin datesRead more...
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  • पैसा क्यों आवश्यक है ?
    Posted By :The Hope Academy l on Friday October 11 2013
       जीवन में कोई भी कार्य करने के लिए पैसा बहुत आवश्यक है। अगर आप अपने बच्चे को उच्च शिक्षा दिलाना चाहते हैं, एक लग्ज़री कार ख़रीदना चाहते हैं, एक आलीशान घरRead more...
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